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21 Oct 2016 18:00 MSKThe game is finished! No more flag submits are accepted. Congratulations to hellman, dcua-school, Beched and JohnDoe on solving all 18 tasks of hack you spb CTF! Thanks to everyone playing, and especially to 58 players from SPbCTF!
Congratulations to Top-3 SPbCTF: StAlKeR7779, Rell9e, Beaver_killer — you are getting free ZeroNights 2016 entry thanks to ZN orgas!
In an hour there will be some statistics on the game, and we will begin gathering a list with the write-ups. Tasks will be up and running at least for a week, for you to write your solutions.

17 Oct 2016 18:00 MSK — CTF has started. Feel free to sign up during the game. The game will last till 21 Oct 2016 18:00 MSK

15 Oct 2016 20:16 MSK — We are rolling out the fourth hack you event, which is an individual computer security competition for the guys new to CTFs. This time it is held by SPbCTF meetups crew (https://vk.com/spbctf).
The registration is open! The game starts 17 Oct 2016 18:00 MSK, finish time: 21 Oct 2016 18:00 MSK (runs for 4 days, and we have a local write-up session right afterwards)

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Overall Top-5

5Ratmir Karabut3300


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