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Leet More announces hack you spb CTF

On October 15, 2016 SPbCTF meetups crew and team Leet More announce hack you spb contest. The tasks are targeted specifically at our first-year guys new to CTFs, but we decided to make it open to the world.

This CTF is Jeopardy-style. It means there is a set of information security themed tasks in several categories, and each task has its own score value. The goal of each task is to find out some secret string — the flag. The person that solves the task and submits the flag to the task page gets some score. Read Wikipedia article for slightly more info »

There are 7 categories of tasks:

  • PPC (tasks that require programming),
  • Stegano (tasks that have some secret info embedded in a pile of crap and require steganalysis),
  • Crypto (tasks that involve dealing with cryptoalgorithms and ciphertexts),
  • Web (tasks that have to do with web technologies and site hacking),
  • Reversing (tasks that require understanding the algorithm of an executable),
  • Pwn (tasks that feature special binary exploitation techniques: buffer overflows, etc),
  • Recon (tasks that ask you to do some data mining and research a person or event)

The registration is open from October 15 to the end of the competition.

Team registrations are not allowed. Please register personally.

The CTF contest starts October 17, 2016 at 18:00 MSK and will end October 21, 2016 at 18:00 MSK. Tasks are hidden before the start of the CTF.

See you in our IRC channel and on e-mail!

IRC: #hackyouspb @ FreeNode
E-mail: hackyou@ctf.su

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